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What is your goal?

What is your goal?  We help you work towards that because we start with that end in mind.  There cannot be solutions without first determining desires.  From there, we collect the information needed to set your business or personal affairs on the path towards your goals.

Practice Specialties

Startups and Early Stage Companies

If you are new entrepreneur looking to start a business with the goal of passing it to your children or developing it for a huge IPO or quickly selling to the first large offer, we get you started with the right structure and protection to move forward with building your dream.

Growing and Entering New Markets

If you have an established company that needs to take the next step in growth, from entering new markets to adding new investors, we understand the legal anxieties and pitfalls that come with those steps and help you avoid them.

Exit Strategies

For those business owners looking to sell their companies or otherwise move on, our experience representing both sellers and buyers helps you exit with the fewest headaches possible.


Intellectual Property

We provide advice and consultation about protecting your Intellectual Property, including trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.

Real Estate

Managing real estate needs is critical for everyone.  Whether it is the purchase or sale of real estate, or the leasing of an ideal property, we can help protect you every step of the way.

Legacy Planning

Like everyone else, we are people with families who understand wanting to make sure our affairs are in order. We help people at all stages of life with their wills and estate planning. Whether you are a new parent wanting to ensure everything is ready just in case or whether you are a proud grandparent wanting to make sure those new generations are taken care of, we help you get that planning in order.